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What Are the Signs That You Should Have a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is one of the most important diagnostics procedures you can undergo. Understanding some of the signs that may indicate it is time to schedule a colonoscopy is an important part of staying healthy. When it is time to see an expert about this important procedure, Dr. Michelle Murday, Dr. Joseph Melvin, and Dr. Abby Crume, as well as their team at Associates in Colon & Rectal Surgery, are here to serve patients needing a colonoscopy in Salt Lake City, UT with care and expertise.

What Risk Factors Should I Look For?

The most basic determination for getting a colonoscopy is age. Most experts agree that regular colon and rectal screenings begin when turning 45 for individuals with no other risk factors. Additional risk factors, like a family history of colorectal cancer or colon polyps, may mean starting regular colonoscopy screenings earlier than age 45. A diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease may also indicate the need for a colonoscopy. Once an individual begins colorectal screenings, they are typically repeated every five years.

There are also risk factors associated with different lifestyles that may indicate a need for this procedure. Those who live a largely sedentary life, or have a poor diet may be at a higher risk for colorectal cancer. Smokers or those who drink heavily also have an increased risk that would benefit from the early diagnostic capabilities of a colonoscopy.

What Is Involved in Getting a Colonoscopy?

The preparation for a colonoscopy and the procedure itself is both safe and easy. The expert physicians at Associates in Colon & Rectal Surgery can answer your questions about getting a colonoscopy in Salt Lake City, UT. They perform this outpatient procedure frequently and understand that patient care and comfort are an important part of the process. Your physician will give you a detailed explanation of what prep is necessary, and walk you through everything that will happen on the day of your procedure.

The prep is usually done beginning one to two days before your procedure with specific directions on how to best prepare. On the day of the procedure, your physician will make sure you are comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. Because mild anesthesia is used, you will need someone to accompany you and drive you home. 

Contact Dr. Murday, Dr. Melvin, or Dr. Crume about your risk factors, and learn more about Associates in Colon & Rectal Surgery's colonoscopy services in Salt Lake City, UT. Call (801) 263-1621 to schedule an appointment today.

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